Is LinkedIn Hindering Your Job Search?

Is LinkedIn Hindering your Job Search

LinkedIn is an essential tool for networking and job hunting – but only if used correctly. Many common social media missteps, from awkward flirting attempts to boasting about a ‘perfect’ life, also appear on LinkedIn. However, on this platform, it’s not just old school friends and distant relatives who see your posts; professional contacts do too. A bad impression can jeopardize future employment opportunities.

To help you navigate LinkedIn effectively, Careers and Education Expert Robbie Bryant from Open Study College has identified the biggest mistakes to avoid. Follow his advice, and you’ll attract attention for all the right reasons.

Buzzword Overkill

Standing out as a candidate often means using similar phrasing to job descriptions. However, Robbie points out that certain buzzwords – especially ‘motivated’ and ‘passionate’ – have become clichés. Instead, he advises providing context by answering: What motivates you? What are you passionate about?

Uber Bragging

Humblebragging or outright bragging is common online, but an overly positive and unrealistic narrative can be off-putting to business leaders. Robbie emphasizes the importance of honesty. Sharing genuine workplace experiences and emotions is more effective in showing how you handle challenges and sets realistic expectations for employers.

LinkedIn isn’t a Dating App

This might seem obvious, but it happens often. People use LinkedIn to ‘hack’ their love life or track down individuals from dating apps. Robbie warns that this behaviour crosses personal boundaries and tarnishes your professional reputation.

Show don’t Tell

Robbie recommends a ‘show, don’t tell’ approach. Use LinkedIn features to add qualifications, courses, awards, publications, and skills rather than vague references to your work. If you lack extensive experience, consider taking online courses to gain additional qualifications, which will enhance your profile.

Silly Job Titles

Some label themselves with titles like ‘Head of Happiness’, ‘Marketing Guru’, or ‘Digital Ninja’. While it might be amusing, it’s more likely to harm your career. Robbie advises toning down such titles to help your profile appear in more organic searches.

Don’t be Shy Own it!

On the flip side of bragging is modesty that undermines your accomplishments. Avoid self-deprecating language such as ‘just’ or ‘I think’ and take ownership of your work. Don’t be shy about highlighting your strengths and factual achievements. Practical qualifications like first aid or health and safety training demonstrate an openness to learning and reliability as an employee.

By avoiding these common pitfalls, you can enhance your LinkedIn profile and improve your chances of securing a new job.

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