Avoiding Three Common Interview Techniques

job interview

Job interviews are seldom enjoyable, but with 40% of the UK workforce planning to change jobs this year, many people will be brushing up on their interview skills. If you’re aged 18-34, you’re 56% more likely to be seeking new employment compared to other age groups, so it’s crucial to ensure your interview techniques are polished.

Britons are seeking new opportunities for various reasons, such as the desire for flexible working arrangements, which 29% of people prefer. However, salary remains the primary motivator, with 45% citing it as their top reason for job hunting. To increase your chances of landing a high-paying job, consider targeting high-salary industries, like the tech sector, where starting salaries are more than 60% above the national average. In 2021, the average starting salary in tech was at least 64% higher than the UK median salary of £25,971.

The tech industry isn’t just for tech experts; it also offers roles in design, event coordination, marketing, business development, and more. However, the interview process in tech can be quite different. Here are some tips to help you avoid common pitfalls and secure a new job this year.

Be Patient

While most job interview processes involve two or three interviews, tech companies often conduct a more extensive series of interviews. You may need to meet with your hiring manager, team members, HR leaders, and even legal representatives. Depending on everyone’s availability and time zones, this process can extend over several months. It can take up to six months to secure a new tech role, so persistence and patience are key.

Every Call Counts

Tech firms often have a recruiter call you before scheduling a formal interview. It’s crucial to take this initial call as seriously as any other interview. Impressing the recruiter is essential because if you don’t, you won’t progress to the next stage. Be sharp, polite, and enthusiastic about the job.

Be sure to sell yourself

Effective communication is vital in any interview, but especially in tech interviews. When asked to tell the interviewer about yourself, avoid unrelated tangents. Instead, provide a concise overview of your jobs and experience, highlighting why you’re a great fit. If asked about specific experience, don’t just answer with a single word. Elaborate on your relevant experience, share the results you’ve achieved, and the KPIs you’ve met. Brief answers and a lack of elaboration can signal a lack of interest in the job and poor communication skills.

Practice Makes Perfect

By understanding these common mistakes and preparing accordingly, you’ll improve your chances of success in your next job interview. Stay patient, take every interaction seriously, and clearly communicate your skills and experiences. Good luck!

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