Partner up with a trusted recruiter who knows and understands your business and grab yourself some free PR! A good recruiter is well placed to promote your business and represent your company in a professional manner.  Why not invite your recruiter in for a guided tour and meet the team and empower them to market your business in the right way.


You Snooze you Lose!

Good candidates don’t hang around.  Act quickly if you see a CV you like – ideally the same day – and book in for interview ASAP.  Similarly, get offers out quickly and get the person started at the earliest opportunity. Take them off the market!

When a recruiter appears to be pushing you for decisions, we say it for good reason.

Protect your Rep’

Communication is key! Treat candidates as you would customers and don’t fall foul of the CV “Black Hole”!  Lack of feedback just gives out the wrong impression of your company and news travels fast. Take the opposite approach and, even if it’s a no, turn it into a positive experience for the candidate.